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Anna, friend of Misha and Mike

From Cheboksary, Joey, Paula and Renata travelled further east in Russia to Kazan and met their next host, Anna. Anna teaches music to children and is a passionate opera singer. In the interview, Anna talks about how she became friends with Misha, shares her expectations from friends, and sends the travelers to her friend Mike, who lives in Sanya, China.
What is your superpower?
My superpower is my voice maybe.
What do you expect from a friend?
I expect that when I call my friends and ask: What are you doing today? - Nothing. And I say: Me too. Then maybe, we go somewhere together. This is like a salvation from loneliness.
How often do you meet up with friends?
Whenever I want to. Today if I want to see my friends, I'll call them and tell them about it. I have a lot of friends in Cheboksary, and I meet them when I go to Cheboksary. I live in Kazan for 10 months and I have a few friends here. And when I go to France, I meet the rest of my friends.
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