Yuujou Team

Meet the people behind Yuujou. They are friends who share the vision of creating a circle of friendship around the world.

Corinne Eisenring

Corinne is the brain and the heart of Yuujou. She leads the project, pulls all the strings and makes sure everyone is safe and happy. She is an award-winning journalist and was the producer of several documentaries for the national TV station. She started her career as a filmmaker at the age of 15, filming and editing for a youth TV station. She is a passionate cook and a runner. She lives in Zurich and when she’s not busy with Yuujou, she knits beautiful blankets for her friends.


Yvonne Eisenring

Yvonne, Yuujou traveler and writer of the Yuujou book, is a filmmaker, bestselling author and Corinne’s little sister. After working as a snowboard instructor, she became a journalist and was on TV for seven years. In 2015, she gave up her career as a TV reporter and anchorwoman, to have more time for friends and travel. She writes books and theatre plays, teaches storytelling at a university and studies philosophy. Yvonne lives in Zurich, Paris and New York.


Katrin Tiefenauer

Katrin, content and community manager, joined Yuujou in June 2018 after a mutual friend of Katrin and Corinne mentioned that Katrin would be the perfect match for this adventure. How right she was! Katrin is a creative mind in love with travel and adventure and a marketing professional with more than 10 years’ experience. She is the oldest sister of three brothers, a big fan of her city – Winterthur – and her current obsessions are Fellini films, bliss balls and handstand tutorials.


Oliver Herren

Oliver, Yuujou producer and investor, is an internet pioneer with big ideas and the founder of Switzerland’s number one e-commerce shops Digitec and Galaxus. Oliver started his successful businesses right after high school with two friends, all passionate about video games. A few years later he founded his second company - the online wealth management platform True Wealth. He is father of three kids, still plays video games and loves to cycle uphill on his gearless bike.


Armin Tobler

Armin, Dramaturge and Video Editor, joined Yuujou in December 2018. Armin has been documenting his life since he was 13 years old. He completed his studies in Film at the Zurich University of Art. Since then he made an internationally acclaimed festival documentary, helped as an assistant editor on an Oscar-nominated film and in 2017 he and his video team were awarded 'Most Interactions in Switzerland' by Storyclash. He lives in Zurich, loves food but is not a fan of coriander.