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Meta, friend of Miki and Matic

Team East made it to Slovenia and traveled to Lake Bled to meet their host Meta. Meta works in tourism where she likes to meet new people and guide them around her hometown. She talks about her expectations of friendship and how important friends are in her life. She sends the travelers to her friend Matic, whom she first met at the same festival where she met the previous host, Miki
What is your superpower?
I am good in connecting people, I'm very communicative, which is my superpower. I'm also quite stubborn. When I want something, I try to get it.
What would you change in your country if you were able to?
First, the politics I guess. Because the politics still divide the people a lot, and people don't have enough. Some people are grabbing everything and don't have any feelings for other people and so everything is so unjust. I think that in the beginning this would slowly make people more kind to each other and they wouldn't fight so. It's very complicated here. Every neighbor is not a friend, it's some kind of enemy. They say, "Let the neighbor's cow die." That's a kind of proverb here. So he won't have any milk and I won't have any milk either. It's quite sad, it's not my philosophy.
What are you proud of? 
That I live here. I'm proud that I live here in the countryside and that I have a lot of nature around me and some nice people who are my friends. But with the years, you actually discover that you may have so many friends and you may know so many people but in the end, not all of them are really friends.
What is your spirit vegetable?
Green leaf vegetables. I have rucola in the garden, and I eat a lot of salad. If a sandwich is without some green stuff inside, it's not the sandwich for me. So green vegetables united would be my spirit vegetable. 
How important are friends to you?
Well, I'm quite a solitary person but still, there are moments in life when it's nice to have friends and hang out with them and spend nice time with them, have some deeper talks. And so they are important, yes.
Is it easy to become friends?
No. It's not easy to become friends. And it's even harder to keep friends. It's easy to get to know people, but friendship is something bigger. 
Can women and men be friends?
I think there is always something more from one side between women and men. I also have male friends, of course. But I think, there is always something behind from one side that is more than just friendship.
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