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Mamadou, friend of Thomas and Matthieu

After spending a few days with Thomas in Faro, Portugal, Team West made their first leap of continent and headed to South America to meet their new host, Mamdou. Mamdou works as the director of French Alliance in Salvador, Brazil, and he warmly welcomed Jed, Yvonne and Panos to their new continent and also into his beautiful office. Here, Mamdou tells us what he likes the most about Thomas, and gives us some interesting information on Matthieu, who's the next host for Team West.
What is your superpower?
My superpower is to share love.
What would you change in your country if you were able to?
Maybe help find a new generation of politics, of leaders who are more inspired and are more empathetic, and who work with collective intelligence to change deeply, concretely, the situation of many people in those countries, especially the minorities.
What are you proud of?
The different actions I've already done in my life. I'm proud of my mom, my dad for the values that they shared with me. And I am usually proud of any human being who is able to do more for others than for themselves.
What is your spirit vegetable?
I think it's tomato.
What do you expect from a friend?
First of all, to tell me when I do stupid things. I also expect love from a friend, and lot of fun, sharing very good moments.
How important are friends to you?
Very. Because I think friends make us exactly the way we are. Quite as important as family, as brothers and sisters. And it's a little bit different because you choose your friends and often we don't know exactly why we choose friends. I think it's much more than having a common point of interest, I think it's something spiritual that makes this connection between friends and the good thing is that we can have very good friends at any time of our lives, not only when we're young.
Is it easy to become friends in your country?
It's easy to make friends in Salvador because Brazilian people are really open-minded and warm people.
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