Yuujou journey

100 days to prove that we are all connected! Six people come together from all over of the world and go on this crazy adventure in 2019.

Who is traveling?

Six bold, engaged and genuine human beings with different cultural backgrounds. Yvonne from Switzerland, is the first Yuujou traveler. The other five travelers will be found online. Everyone can apply to become a Yuujou traveler! Creative skills to interpret and sharing the travel experiences such as photography, illustrating, singing or filming will increase the chance of getting selected.

Where do they travel to?

The 6 people split up into 2 teams of 3 people each. They all start in Berlin, but the teams travel in opposite directions. One team goes west, the other one goes east. They don't know where the journey will lead to since they let their hosts pick their next destination. They only know their final destination - Japan. After 100 days, the teams should meet again at the other side of the world.

How do they travel?

The journey starts as a road trip with a car. During the trip the travelers use different types of transport. Yuujou is a challenge, not a race! It is not the fastest that will be the winner, but the team that collects more experiences. To have more special and crazier experiences the teams have to fulfill tasks - for example to attend a special indigenous event such as a wedding.

What is the most important rule?

The two teams can only travel from one friend to another! Both teams start at a mutual friend and head in opposite directions. Their next stop must always be the place of a friend of the previous friend. This is how they create a circle of friendship around the world.

How long and how far are they traveling?

On Thursday April the 11th 2019, the six travelers take off and will be on the road for 100 days. The journey starts in Berlin and ends in Japan. Each team will travel around half of the world. They don't know where their path will take them, they only know their final destination - Japan. Some restrictions when it comes to distance and speed make sure they don't reach it too early.

Who pays for the journey?

You don't need money to apply and you don't need money to travel. Yuujou pays for the whole journey (all travel expenses, visas and food). The costs to travel to the start of the Yuujou journey in Berlin and back home after arriving in Japan are as well paid by Yuujou. You only need to document your experience for the world to see. The travelers will be given a budget for the entire time. Yuujou is not for lovers of luxury. It's an adventure. The travelers will sleep mostly in tents if they cannot stay overnight in the places of the people they meet.

Do you have more questions about the journey?

Please visit our FAQ. And if you still need help or want to get in touch, write us an email.

The journey for those at home

The Yuujou journey is not only for the travelers. The community gets the experience in real time too!

The virtual journey

Those who stay at home don't miss anything! With a new digital storytelling concept, Yuujou will share daily episodes about the joys and struggles of the travelers. Yuujou will give informative insight with short portraits about the people the travelers meet and about their friendship. We believe in real and raw content! There is no script and no camera crew! The six travelers themselves document, photograph and film during the journey. The core team in Zurich collect the footage and edit it. Together with media teams all over the world, they make sure that everyone gets the full experience at home too.

On this website and on our social media platforms everyone can be virtually on the road too.

The Yuujou books & movie

After the journey, a personal, honest view of the entire experience will be given by Yuujou traveler and bestselling author, Yvonne Eisenring. Her book is complimented with short journal entries by the other travelers. The Yuujou book will be published by the end of 2019 and will be translated into several languages. An art book with pictures of the journey is to be launched in November 2019. A documentary film about the journey of friendship is to be released in spring 2020.