Yuujou idea

What once was a small idea for two sisters from Switzerland, turned into a international project when they met the right person.

Corinne TV producer for travel documentaries, always had this thought: What if we only travel from one person to another - can we make it to the other side of the world? Wouldn't it be interesting to see where a journey leads and who you meet along the road when you give up control on your route? Is it possible to create a circle of friendship around the world? Corinne told her little sister Yvonne about her idea, who was instantly very passionate about it.

They were lucky to get to know Oliver through a common friend. The internet pioneer with big ideas and founder of two successful online companies, Oliver had the urge to do an online project with meaningful content showing people and places never appearing in the media. Corinne, Oliver and Yvonne came together, became friends and after reading everything they could get their hands on about connection, friendship and traveling, they were encouraged to start an extraordinary project: In June 2018 Yuujou was founded.

The purpose of Yuujou

  • Find out if we are all connected not only virtually but in real life
  • Create a circle of friendship around the world
  • Focus on what really matters in life: friendship (in Japanese: "Yuujou")

We are aware that we cannot beat loneliness with this project. However, we can create meaningful, honest and authentic stories about people who usually stay in the background. We can get off the beaten track and we can let ourselves be surprised by opening up to strangers. We can share ad-free and non-cynical but real and friendly content. We can entertain without becoming silly or meaningless.

«We cannot beat loneliness with our project but we can show the importance of friendship!» Corinne, Yuujou founder