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Misha, friend of Dmitry and Anna

Misha lives in Cheboksary, Russia, and sells beautiful wallpapers. He met up with Team East and showed them unforgettable sunset views over the Volga River. In the interview, Misha talks about his expectations from friends, his spirit fruit and vegetable, and what he is the most proud of. Misha also talks about his friendships with previous host Dmitry, and the next host Anna.  
What is your superpower?
I can run very fast and swim very fast.
What would you change in your country if you were able to?
I think that we must change the educational system, cultural education and the medical system.
What are you proud of?
I am proud of my parents, my friends. And I am proud that my country has a long history.
What is your spirit vegetable?
My spirit vegetable is tomato. Because it is tasty.
What do you expect from a friend?
To be happy, funny, lovely and to be crazy at times. And of course, to be smart.
Is it easy to make friends in your country?
Yes, it is easy to make friends in Russia. Of course there are many normal, beautiful, good people.
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