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Guillaume, friend of Pipa and Thomas

Team West was finally united in Lyon, France, where they also met their host, Guillaume. Guillaume says his superpower is human contact, and how he can spread his positive energy onto others. He talks about his friendship with Pipa and sends the travelers to his friend, Thomas, who lives in Portugal.
What is your superpower?
I guess it's human contact, the way I can spread my energy and give it to others so they can use it. And how I can make everyone feel really special because I take time with everyone and I give equal attention to everyone.
What would you change in your country if you were able to?
Lyon - I would make it maybe less square. My country - I would make it maybe more free, just more easygoing.
What are you proud of?
Little by little, I keep on having more and more friends, and have contacts with people all over the world, and I keep those connections - they're still there. Someone that met me a few years ago, if I go around and if I see them, I would be the same. They will recognize me.
What is your spirit vegetable?
Let's say tomato because it's fresh and sunny.
What do you expect from a friend?
I expect from a friend to just be there and to respect the way I am, and my way of doing things. That's it.
How important are friends to you?
Really important. So important that I feel always better alone when I know that I have many people around. That's how I am made, so I need friends and they make me better. And I'm always at my best when I'm surrounded by people. It's the image I want to have or to spread. So every time I say, I'm better alone as a person when I'm surrounded by people, because I give, I give, I give, and then I get it back, so it makes me more powerful. For example, if you said that this person is great, and this person is great, then when they are together, they are even better as a person. 
Is it easy to become friends in your country? 
It depends on the area, the south/southwest is not so hard. The north is always tougher, the south is easier but it depends on southeast or southwest. For example southwest is a place where your neighbor is your friend. Lyon, where I live, I guess for a lot of people it can be hard but it's well known to have great people. You just need to break this little circle because it's a big city where you feel well, so a lot of people grew up here, were born here and their parents as well. Because here, you can grow up, you can study, you can do stuff. And a lot of people come back as well so there is this community of people that know each other from ages. But as soon as you just open the circle and you get in, it would be easygoing. So Lyon is in between.
Can women and men be friends?
Yes, there is no more to say about that. Of course it is. I have so many examples. It's even easier to be friends with them. Sometimes, you reach that moment where you do not see the sexuality of your friend who is a girl. You don't see if it's a woman or man, it's just this person and you don't even remember if she's beautiful or not, if you like her. She's just a person and this thing that can start just disappears totally so, of course you can. 
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