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Jeniffer, friend of Flo and Philipp

Meet our first host Jeniffer. She is a restaurant owner living in Berlin. Her roots are from Uganda, Oman and Kenya and she was brought up in Switzerland. In her two restaurants in Berlin she serves Swiss cuisine and aims to represent the modern "Swissness". She is not only a restaurant owner but also an actress. Jeniffer sends Team East to her friend Flo living in Oberschöneweide and Team West to Philip in Hamburg. 
What is your superpower?
I think I have a lot of energy and I can give this energy to other people. That's my superpower.
What would you change in your country if you were able to?
In Berlin? Well, I am from Switzerland and it is really clean there. And the people, they are sustainable with things. I would like to have this here, too.
What is your spirit vegetable?
I wish I could say Pizza. But I would say green salad. Because I like green salad and I could eat it everyday. I like other vegetables as well, but I cannot eat them everyday. But green salad - it’s great.
What do you expect from a friend?
From a real friend, I expect that I can always count on him or her, in good times and in bad times. That's what I expect. And that I can call them anytime.
How important are friends to you?
For me, friends are really, really, really important. Because I think life without friends and love doesn't make sense. I am also really happy that I grew up in a very big family, we always were a lot of people. It's so nice to have friends around, even today I have two friends staying over. It makes my life worthwhile. Life without friends, it is no life. Also, I work a lot. I have a big business going on, but what good would it be if you could not share it with somebody?
Do you have enough time for them?
If I am honest, not always. But I make time for them. And my friends also come over a lot. Sometimes like now, because I have an opening, I don't see them a lot. But I hear them and I think it is enough, because I am living my life with them.
Is it easy to become friends in your country?
I think it depends on yourself. For me, I grew up in Switzerland and most of the time I was the only black girl. I am really lucky that I grew up with a very nice mom. When I went to the mountains or the supermarket, people would watch me and say, “Look, there are these black people.” And I would always ask my mom: “Mommy, why are these people always looking at me?” My mom would always reply, “They’re looking at you because you are so special, because you are so beautiful.” I think sometimes you just have to be positive to other people, you have to be open. Then finding a friend is more easy. I never had problems finding friends because I am open.
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