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Sasha, friend of Vlad and Dimitri

From Prague, Team East traveled to meet Sasha, and were warmly welcomed by their new host and his friends in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Together, they explored Kharkiv, and discovered some 'Ukrainian traditions'. In the interview, Sasha unveils the crazy side of his childhood friend and previous host, Vlad, and discusses his unique superpower and views on friendship with the travelers. He then sends the team to his friend Dmitry in Moscow, Russia. 
What is your superpower?
My superpower is finding really cool friends and finding good people. I also use my mouth all the time for stuff in my job, in my life. I know it sounds funny, but really. My mouth helps me a lot. I can solve any problem by my words. This my little power, I think.
What would you change in your country if you were able to?
Maybe I would do something more for the older people, like good social packages with medicine in this part of the country. Because in this country, all is good, but it needs a few more steps towards the future. And of course, legalization of marijuana.
What do you expect from a friend?
True relationships, because when you can trust another man, it's very important. You get a family, you get a wife or a girlfriend, it doesn't matter. You need to have some - not too many friends, but two or three friends for you. And you need to know that this friend will help you in any situation and will have your back if you do some crazy stuff. It's very important because good friends will stay true to you.
How important are friends to you?
Very important. I grew up on the streets, like a gangster. Family is very good at protecting you, when you come home you can feel free. But I don't know how I can say this, but I feel more free with my friends, because they are my real family.
How often do you meet up with friends?
We meet every day, really. We all live in one district. So somebody just goes out on the street, takes their phone out and just calls their friends like: "Are you going out, too?" - "Yes". Just like that, all the time.
Can women and men be friends?
Yeah, sure. We have a lot of girls with whom it's just simple friendship. We have one girl in the band. She stays with us all the time, makes all crazy stuff with us too. If she has a problem, we just help her, without any judgements like: "You're a girl, you can't do this". We just go like this: "You want to drink beer? Okay come with us".
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