Week #11 of the Yuujou journey

Team East is still discovering the Russian lifestyle. The three travelers spend 52 hours in a train before the arrive in Krasnoyarsk. In the center of Russia the days are packed with activities organized by their local friend Roma: A TV talk show, planting trees, hiking in the stunning Stolby Nature Reserve and a heartwarming party for the travelers

On the other side of the world Yvonne, Jed and Panos cross the border between Mexico and the USA. In Austin, Texas, they meet their next host Pattie who lives on a horse farm with her family. Who else does Team West meet in the Southern States of the US? And what happens to Jed when he gets lost in the woods? 

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  • Wendy, June 30

    So right Renata! Every week I also have a new favorite video!! Loved this one!! Happy travels everyone 😊

  • Renata, June 29

    Every week I have a new favorite video! What a wonderful time we had in Krasnoyarsk. We met such interesting, smiley, friendly, hospitable people. Thank you all for this great surprise. Thank you Yuujou!!!

  • Ruber, June 28

    I loved the video. It's incredible that despite you dont speak the same language you have created friend's tie

  • Fahmeedah, June 28

    Loved this video! So eventful for both teams. 😄 Glad you found your way back Jed!

  • Joey, June 28

    Such an incredible, none stop, week in Krasnoyark! Thank you to all the great people we met and welcomed us into their lives.