Conditions of participation

Project «Yuujou – Here to make friends»

Yuujou was founded to create a media-art project that advocates the meaningful connections that arise during face-to-face, real human interaction. With a travel experiment Yuujou tries to create a circle of friendship around the world to prove that we are all connected - not virtually connected, but truly connected in real life. In spring 2019 2 teams of 3 persons each will set off from Berlin. One team will head to the east, the other to the west. Within about four months, both teams should meet at the other side of the globe, in Japan. The participants (called “travelers”) themselves document, photograph and film their trip. A media team in Zurich collects the footage and edits it. Yuujou will share daily content on the website and on Media-Platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

  • Eligible are all natural persons who are at the time of participation at least 18 old, can speak English and can drive a car. The travelers must be interested in social connections, in traveling, in getting to know other cultures and have an affinity for the media.
  • Participation in the project is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods or services. Prerequisite for participation is the unrestricted acceptance of the present conditions of participation.
  • The participation presupposes a registration by the travelers by means of filled out registration form. Participation also requires the answering of an application form and the recording of an application video. The registration period is from 07.11.2018 to 18.01.2019.
  • Yuujou is entitled to exclude individual participants from participation if there are justified reasons, such as a violation of the Conditions of Participation.
Selection and notification
  • In January 2019 the committee will interview the closer selection.
  • The travelers will be informed about their selection by the end of February by telephone.
  • All participants who have not been selected as travelers will be informed by e-mail.
  • The travelers are required to attend the basic workshop from 31th March - 10th April 2019 right before the trip. If a selected traveler cannot participate in the basic workshop, Yuujou reserves the right to exclude the person from participation and replace him with another person.
  • The travelers make their social media profiles (blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.) publicly visible after the nomination. The profiles must remain public until 30th December 2020 due to follow-up reports on the project. Afterwards the profiles can be set to "private" again.
  • During the journey, the travelers themselves document, photograph and film their trip and send the footage to the core team in Zurich. Details and exact periodicity of the contributions will be explained to the travelers during the basic workshop.
  • The journey is expected to take place from April till July 2019 (11.04.2019 - 20.07.2019). The given dates may be postponed by a few days. The entire itinerary will be designed by Yuujou, the route develops during the travel experiment.
  • Yuujou shall bear all costs in connection with the respective trip.
  • Any liability in connection with the execution and participation in the trip is excluded.
Personal data

The participants agree that their personal data (name, place of residence, application pictures and their application video and form) may be used and published by Yuujou and third parties (e.g. media partners) free of charge and for an unlimited period of time for the purpose of reporting on the project.

Intellectual property
  • The travelers grant Yuujou a free, unlimited and transferable right to use, reproduce, publish and disseminate their content published on their social media, free of charge, in terms of time, space and subject matter (internet, print media and other communication channels). This also includes the right to distribute the content to third parties, such as media partners. The travelers also agree that the content may be combined with other works, modified or edited by Yuujou for any of the aforementioned purposes, while respecting the personal rights of the travelers.
  • The candidates guarantee that the uploaded content is free of third party claims. Furthermore, they guarantee that they observe the rights recognizable in the photo, in particular the right to their own image and other personal rights and that all these persons agree to the upload, publication and use and that they have been granted the necessary rights of use and disclosure.
  • In addition, the candidates guarantee that the uploaded content does not violate applicable laws and social norms, i.e. does not contain sexist, racist or otherwise offensive or illegal content. In addition, they guarantee that they will only upload content for which they have the necessary rights for the intended use.
  • As part of the project, the travelers will be accompanied by Yuujou employees. As part of this support, photographs and videos of the travelers will be taken. The travelers give permission to use the content of these productions for any purpose (e.g. reporting, advertising, marketing etc.) and to pass it on to third parties (media partners).

Personal health is the responsibility of the travelers. The participants shall confirm that they are in a position to undertake such a journey and that they have the necessary vaccinations. Yuujou recommends that travelers have their travel fitness checked by a doctor before travelling. With the exception of this confirmation, the participants do not have to provide Yuujou with any health information. Furthermore, Yuujou does not oblige the travelersƒ to perform procedures on their own bodies (such as vaccinations). Should a traveler wish to have vaccinations for these trips, Yuujou is prepared to pay for them.

Pass and visa
  • The travelers confirm that they have a passport that will be valid at least until January 2020.
  • Some countries of the journey require a visa. Yuujou will bear the costs.
Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These Conditions of Participation shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law, to the exclusion of any conflict of law provisions. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich.