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Djordje, friend of Matic and Sonja

Djordje is a talented artist who works as a storyboarding illustrator in Belgrade, Serbia. Here, he talks about his friendship with Matic, his superpower, and how he would like to get rid of corruption from the world. He sends Team East to his girlfriend Sonja, who also lives in Belgrade. 
What is your superpower?
Well, I have a quite powerful persuasiveness.
What would you change in your country if you were able to?
Oh well, it could apply more broadly but let's keep it to this country. Get an institution that punishes very highly placed corruption and well - that's a dangerous thing to wish for and I don't know if it's misguided - but if I get a wish then, but getting rid of corruption would be the best thing actually.
What are you the most proud of?
Of my drawing skills, I am particularly proud of them.
What is your spirit vegetable?
I didn't know I had a spirit vegetable previously. Well then, it's gotta be a spectral paprika. It's gotta be spectral so that's an angle, but most because it's commonly associated with the south of Serbia, so it's a nerd thing.
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