About Yuujou

What is Yuujou?

Yuujou is an international media art project focusing on friendship. Yuujou aims to inspire far more face-to-face-moments and real connections. Yuujou was founded in June 2018 in Switzerland. With a multicultural, cross-media, interdisciplinary social experiment we try to create a circle of friendship around the world: Two teams of 3 creative people travel in opposite directions from one friend to another. They start in Berlin and hopefully make it within 100 days to the other side of the world: Japan.

How did Yuujou come to be?

Corinne, who is Yvonne’s big sister, had this thought after a long trip: “What if we only travel from one person to another - can we make it to the other side of the world? Wouldn't it be interesting to see where the journey would lead you and who you'd meet along the road?” The two sisters were lucky to get to know Oliver through a mutual friend. As an internet pioneer with big ideas and the founder of two successful online companies, he had the desire to do an online project with more meaningful content. The crazy idea about traveling around the globe from one friend to another inspired him. Corinne, Oliver and Yvonne discussed the vision, became friends and in June 2018 they founded Yuujou. Read more about the story and purpose of Yuujou here.

What does Yuujou mean?

Yuujou means friendship in Japanese. Katrin came up with this name right after she joined the team in July 2018.

Why do you focus on friendship?

Because it is the key to a good life! According to science, friendship, real connections and face-to-face-moments are the most important factors for a happy and healthy life. Loneliness increases the risk of dying early. You can get more information about why we are doing this on purpose


When is Yuujou taking place?

The Yuujou journey starts in April 2019 and ends 4 months later in July 2019.

Can you tell me more about the journey?

The Yuujou journey is a 100-day trip around the world. Beginning in April 2019 and ending in July 2019. Two teams of 3 creative, adventurous people each will start in Berlin and travel in opposite directions. One team goes east, the other one goes west. They (try to) make it to the other side of the world - Japan. Each team travels around HALF of the world. The teams meet again at their final destination. That’s how they create ONE circle of friendship around the world.

What route will they be traveling on?

We don’t know the route yet. It will unfold along the trip as the travelers let their next stop be picked by the person they’re currently staying with. The person they are staying with will send them to one of their friends and so on... This is how the travelers will visit hidden places and meet new people. Important note: Yuujou travelers are intrigued by the idea of not knowing where the journey will lead them!

What are the challenges along the journey?

The journey is a challenge but not a race. Not the faster team will be the winner but the team that can collect more experiences. The travelers have to fulfill some tasks - for example to attend a special cultural event. The community is part of some of the challenges: They can decide what the travelers have to do next or help them to fulfill a certain task.

Who is going on the Yuujou journey?

Six creative, open-minded and adventurous people from all over the world: Jed from South Africa, Joey from the USA, Renata from Brazil, Paula from New Zealand, Panos from Cyprus and Yvonne from Switzerland.

How will the six travel?

The Yuujou journey starts as a road trip. Means of travel: The three of them jump in a car and head off. However, as it is not possible to reach the other side of the world by land, they will have to fly or take a ship at some point.

Where will they stay overnight?

Their new friends will host them, so not only will the travelers visit a place as a tourist, but they will also get a deeper insight into how people live around the globe. If the friends cannot accommodate them, they'll either have the option of sleeping in a tent or a hostel (if there is one close by).

Will the travelers know their fellow team mates beforehand?

No. They will travel with two other people coming from different parts of the planet. They will get to know each other better during the workshop in Berlin. And hopefully, they will become friends during the trip. After all, that is what Yuujou is all about!

Does the team stay together during the entire journey?

Yes. Of course they can explore a new place a bit by themselves, but the best adventures happen when you are with friends!

How much does the Yuujou journey cost?

Nothing. We’ve got it covered!
They don’t need any money? The travel teams get a budget that is big enough to make it to the other side of the world! All travel expenses, visas and food are paid. Of course, if they want to buy an expensive handbag along the way, they'll pay for it themselves. But in other words: They can travel the world for free!

Who is paying for the journey?

We are! The travelers don’t need any money to go on the Yuujou journey. They only need to document their experiences for the world to see.

Who is funding it?

We are very happy to have the generous support of our producer Oliver. Oliver was always intrigued by stories about hidden places and cultures but couldn’t quench his thirst for knowledge online. He wanted to have more meaningful content in his newsfeed, read more stories about places and people never appearing in the media. Through a friend he got to know Yvonne who is writer and journalist and known for a nomadic lifestyle. He heard about Yvonne and Corinne's idea to travel the globe by creating a circle of friendship and was enthused about it.

What happens after the journey?

After the journey ends, Yuujou will publish a book about the entire experience written by Yvonne and complimented by journal entries of the other travelers. The book will be published by the end of 2019. We will also produce and publish an art book with pictures of the journey and people met on the trip. And last but not the least, there will be a movie documentary about Yuujou journey.

Casting & Selection

Who can apply?

The casting closed on 18th January 2019. We accepted applications from people from all over the world who are older than 18 years, who can speak English and can drive a car and most importantly: Who are ready for an adventure!

Who were we looking for?

We were looking for people who are adventurous, open-minded and friendly. People who believe in the power of friendship and want to make new friends and are bold enough to knock on even a stranger’s door. We were looking for people who want to celebrate the diversity of the world and focus on the good. We were looking for creative spirits who seek the challenge and who are happy to document and share their experiences with the world.

How did we select who could go on the journey?

Over 30,000 people from 167 countries had applied for the Yuujou journey. In January 2019, a jury reviewed the application profiles and drew up a shortlist. Of these, 25 candidates made it to the next round and were interviewed via Skype. Ten people were then selected and personally visited by the Yuujou team. In March 2019, a jury finally selected the five finalists after these visits. More information about the travelers can be found on: www.yuujou.world/travelers.

I want to go on the journey, but I didn't apply. What shall I do?

We are sorry, the casting is now closed. But you can join the community and get all the updates about Yuujou, because you never know... There might be a second season!

Virtual Journey

How will the journey be documented?

The travelers themselves will document the journey. There is no camera team, no script, no nothing! We believe in raw and real content. The travelers themselves will film and photograph.

Do they need to bring camera equipment?

No. We will provide all the equipment.

Do they need to know how to film, photograph and edit?

No. We appreciate if they do, but they will be taught how to operate and how to film and photograph during the workshop before the trip.

Who edits and shares all the content?

A core team in Zurich edits the footage and distributes it. Media teams all over the world help to share the content.

What does you are “ad-free” mean?

We believe in the power of friendship. Of course everything needs money and this project would never be possible without the funds of our producer and investor Oliver, who believes in our vision and shares our values. As we believe in the power of the connection of like-minded people, we don't want to compromise on our vision through advertising.


I want to be part of Yuujou but I can’t go on the journey. What can I do?

You can be virtually on the road! Join the community and follow the journey real-time on this website, on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or on Twitter.

I love your idea! How can I support Yuujou?

Firstly, thank you. Secondly you can become our friend or if you want to do more you can become an ambassador!

What is a Yuujou Ambassador?

A Yuujou Ambassador shares our enthusiasm, vision and values and wants to support our idea. The ambassador spreads the project and the casting call within his country through his personal network and by reaching out to the local press. An ambassador is the local support for any questions about Yuujou.

How can I become an ambassador?

Reach out to us and tell us why you want to be part of the Yuujou family!