Week #7 of the Yuujou journey

How crazy is this? We just passed day No 50! The first half of the Yuujou journey is over and another 50 days of challenges, unknown places and new friends await you. What happened to the Yuujou travelers during the past few days?

Joey and Paula meet their next host Sasha in the Ukraine. Sasha introduces the traveler to his friend and his friend's grandparents. The travelers also get into some Ukrainian traditions and discover an old bunker. 

On the other side of the world Team West is discovering the beauty of Brazil and dives into the local culture. Together with their host Matthieu's friends and colleagues Panos, Yvonne and Jed explore the breathtaking area of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, cook a local dish and learn to dance Forró.

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  • Fahmeedah, June 4

    This video really warmed my heart. Sasha seems to be such a down to earth person. Can't believe it's half way down already!

  • Prince, June 3

    Wow what an amazing way to see the likeness of adventures in this group

  • Preya, June 3

    It's really hard to believe that time has gone by so fast! Looking forward to the next 50 days, and the adventure they will bring. :=)

  • Wendy, June 3

    What an awsome experience in such a beautiful place, with amazing people, that have brought you through 50 days and made this happen, fantastic!

  • Adrian, June 1

    Halfway of the journey already and yet still so many friends and stories to look out for as evereyday of the journey always has something new. Cheers to all the first 50 days!