Week #5 of the Yuujou journey

This is truly a milestone to be celebrated! Thomas, Team West's host in Faro sends the travelers to Salvador in Brazil. Jed, Yvonne and Panos continue their journey in South America and the circle of friendship now further unfolds on a second continent.
While Team West is enjoying the Brazilian sun (some of them a little too much), Team East is currently in Prague waiting to be sent further to the east. However, we constantly remind ourselves: It's not a race, it's a challenge! While the big goal of arriving in Japan after 100 days is definitely exciting, it's the journey itself and all the encounters which count the most. 

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  • Adrian, May 20

    I agree. It's the journey itself and all the encounters which count the most. In this 100 day-journey, it is really challenging to not think the timeframe to reach Japan while keeping present at the moment, emotions and characters of each friendship that is being added to the circle.

  • Preya, May 20

    We're sure he's already better now, Fahmeedah. :) And yes, South America is going to be a charm!! :D

  • Fahmeedah, May 18

    That looks like quite a hectic sunburn. Hope Panos feels better soon! 💜 So exciting that they're on a new continent though!