Week #3 of the Yuujou journey

Panos could not be happier. He has always dreamed of visiting Paris and now host Alex sends Team West to his friend Pipa in the so called "city of love". But there are even more exciting news: Team West is finally united! After 20 days Jed joined his travel buddies in Lyon (France) where they stay at their next host Guillaume

In the meanwhile Team East arrived in Budapest where they meet their next host Miki who organizes music and art festivals. How do the travelers feel after spending one more week together?

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  • Preya, May 10

    I love Team West's reaction when they are finally united! :)

  • Adrian, May 4

    Bonjour! It's funny how Yvonne has mentioned that it's like a forced marriage. Though, friendship really is a relationship, a commitment that we make. We are committed to remain honest about our differences yet still be friends and choose to be friends.

  • Wendy, May 4

    Fantastic video! Amazing group of friends and hosts who have made the friendship dream of YUUJOU possible !

  • Muna, May 3

    It's normal to have struggles. You learn a lot about others and yourself when traveling together. In our normal life we have flexibilty that we don't know much about others but traveling shows you everything because you have to interact with each other and try to build understanding. So it's okay. Nice video, it's great that you guys are being true and honesty. Thank you. By the way, I always dreamt about traveling to Paris. This is wonderful.