Day 50: All travelers

Can you believe it? Today is day No. 50! The first half of the Yuujou journey is over and another 50 days of daily challenges, unknown places and new friends await you. What has been your favorite moment so far?

The Yuujou travelers started in Berlin and so far made it to Brazil and Georgia. There is still a bit of a way to go to arrive in Tokyo after 100 days. However, it's not a race! It's about the moments the travelers live on their journey, the beautiful encounters and the many strangers who turn into friends. Today we'd love to celebrate the 50 days and do a little recap of all the inspiring hosts Team East and Team West have met so far.

Jeniffer (Berlin) - Flo (Oberschöneweide) - Jenny (Benediktbeuern) - Sebastian (Vienna) - Miki (Budapest) - Meta (Bled) - Matic (Ljubljana) - Djordje (Belgrade) - Sonja (Belgrade) - Andjela (Prague) - Vlad (Prague) - Sasha (Kharkiv)

Jeniffer (Berlin) - Philip (Hamburg) - Alex (Zurich) - Pipa (Paris) - Guillaume (Lyon) - Thomas (Faro) - Mamadou (Salvador) - Matthieu (Brasilia)

Check out the host's profiles and watch their interviews about the meaning of friendship!

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  • Prince, June 3

    Wow amazing so nice to see amazing people with great minds i really wish i was there but much love to this adventure...

  • Adrian, June 1

    Amazing people linked to the chain of friendship that Yuujou has created. Looking forward for new friends to meet and the stories they tell and create with our travelers.

  • Paula, May 30

    Aaah this is so amazing!!! Can’t believe we are halfway already! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Corinne, May 30

    So beautiful to see the chain of friendship growing every week!