Day 48: Team East

Paula and Joey have been traveling in pairs for a few days. This changes today as the two travelers are joined by Jordan. Jordan is a full time traveler and tells her travel adventures on her YouTube channel Travellight. She will spend a few days in Georgia together with the Yuujou travelers and discover what it means to create a circle of friendship around the world. As a full time traveler it's not always easy to stay in touch with people you love and make new friends in every new place you go. So Jordan knows well about the value of friendship and real social connections.

On the first day together the three travelers walk around Batumi and end up on a pier by the harbor. Joey sees the local kids jumping into the water and joins them. While having a coffee they watch the boats come in and the fisherman fishing by the boats. It's quite impressive seeing these huge cargo ships arriving.
In the evening Jordan, Paula and Joey chill out on a rooftop restaurant by the beach where they have a great view on the sunset. There they meet Christina. She's from New York and ended up in Georgia because she saw a shop in England that had stuff from Georgia and since she loved all the clothes and bags she decided to directly go to Georgia instead of buying the things in the shop. The travelers discover that they had been following the same route and that all of them experienced the very cold and rainy weather in Europe. Funnily Christina's friends started to call it storm Christina because the rain was following her just everywhere. Fingers crossed for Paula and Joey that the temperatures do not drop anymore.

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  • Adrian, June 1

    Congrats to Team East with their new friend and fellow traveler Jordan :)

  • Preya, May 29

    Loved the solitary rooster! :D This post is the proof that traveling really connects like-minded people together. :)