Day 25: Team East

It's day 25! Which means that a quarter of the journey is already over. All travelers started in Berlin. Team East then traveled south to Benediktbeuern and moved on to Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb and Bled. Unknown places have been visited and new friends have been made. And there is still a lot to come!
Team East leaves Bled and meet up with their next host in Ljubljana: Matic, a friend of Meta. Together with Matic they explored the artistic side of Ljubljana. He brings the travelers to his favorite place called Metelkova which is a place set up by the community in Ljubljana that no one really owns and everyone can put up art.

After fun times Matic, who is actually even taller than John, sends the travelers to their next host. It's a friend of him who lives in Belgrade. So the team crosses their next country border. You're curious about their next host? Stay tuned!

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