Week #9 of the Yuujou journey

Team West joins the annual Shrimp Festival on the island Marajó. Each year the local people celebrate the start of the shrimp season with concerts, horse races, fight competitions and lots of food. Watch the new video to see what Yvonne, Jed and Panos experience in the breathtaking nature of Brazil.

10,000 km away Paula, Renata and Joey see that Russians love to have guests and make great hosts. There is no special occasion like a birthday or wedding needed to visit and celebrate with your friends and neighbors. Together with Yuujou community member and Top 25 applicant Nika and their Russian hosts Team East raises the vodka glasses to friendship and dances in the living room. 

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  • Renata, June 29

    Yaaaay! Moscow and Cheboksary were very different Russian experiences. Loved it all!So many good memories that it’s hard to pick one. My personal highlights are meeting Nika and spending time with her and her wonderful friends in her Datcha. Spending a very fun day with Dimitri and his family, my first and unforgettable host. Also the sunset with Misha in Cheboksary was amazing!!! I miss it already!

  • Adrian, June 22

    Marajo's Shrimp Festival is definitely a lot of fun and stories.

  • Vivian, June 15


  • Rosanna, June 14

    Yay Nika! So happy for you to have been apart of the Yuujou journey even if only for a short period of time.