Day 64: Team West

We are amazed by the Yuujou community! There is so much love and hospitality and we could not have wished for more. So many people from all over the world would like to meet and host the travelers. And we are beyond grateful for that!

Unfortunately the travelers can not meet everyone as their route is decided by the friendship connections of their hosts. Patti from Mexico is one of the lucky ones. She lived in Paris for half a year so she speaks French, too. She studied tourism management and loves showing people around her city and country. She actually loves Mexico so much that she wouldn’t like to live somewhere else. When she saw Team West mentioning that they are going to Mexico she invited the travelers to her house right away. That's how Yvonne, Jed and Panos end up in Metepec. 

Patti picks up the travelers and brings them to her house where they meet her family. The next morning they go for breakfast to a traditional Mexican restaurant with the whole family. Together with Patti the travelers then explore Metepec, go to the Museo del Barro and enjoy the Cosmovitral Jardin Botanico in Toluca.

How do you think the day ends? - of course with Mexican Drinks and most importantly the Mexican tequilas.

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  • Adrian, June 22

    The Botanical Garden is very magical and amazing!

  • Preya, June 14

    Oh wow! Metepec seems like a very colorful city. :)