Day 50: Team East

Team East explores the local market in Batumi. They buy some fresh fruits and chose some freshly caught fish to eat it there right away. The travelers also try sand coffee which is coffee that is brewed in hot sand. Have you ever tried this?
Joey, Jordan and Paula make friends with the owner of the coffee place. Tako is the one who runs the shop. Along with the delicious Baklava she introduces also her mom Tamara who made the sweets. One second later also Tako's dad Nodari shows up. He takes the opportunity to walk across the bazaar arm in arm with Paula.

The three travelers go on a little road trip to further explore Batumi and its surrounding. They stop at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Adjara. The monastery is still fully running. The three travelers enjoy the beautiful view over the city of Batumi. This place seems to be a secret tip, as in comparison to many other monasteries and churches the travelers did not meet a single tourist.

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  • Preya, June 3

    This is so interesting, and I really want to try this coffee some day!

  • Adrian, June 1

    What a great story from a coffee! Meeting one family member then another then meeting them all and so a great memory and stories continues ☕😍