#FriendshipFriday: Jaquilin's story

There are some friends who make you laugh, some that bring you warm memories, and then there are some friendships that simply change your life for the better. For this week's #FriendshipFriday we wish to share Jaquilin's story. Jaquilin was born and brought up in Fort Kochi, India, and says her childhood was hard. "Most of my childhood was a disaster," she shares, "I was bullied a lot during my school days."

However, a change of school and some confidence boost from a kind teacher helped her find a best friend in fellow classmate, Anagha Mary. Read Jaquilin's full story here: 

"My name is Jaquilin. I am from a small place in India called Fort Kochin. My entire childhood is related to this place.

Anyway, most of my childhood was a disaster. I was bullied a lot during my school days. But I found peace with nature, I would draw and observe the beauty of creations. When I was in 8th grade, I was transferred to another school, in hopes that it would be great. I was fortunate enough to find a teacher there who taught me to get out of my comfort zone and to make friends, and I did.

However, soon after that I got again transferred to another school where I completed my high school. That's where I found my best friend Anagha Mary. I never thought we would be best friends but we were and still are. We know everything about each other and still share most things. In a spam of 2 years, we have shared happiness, joy, excitement, sadness and anger with each other.

After school both of us went different ways but we're still in contact. It's been 1.5 years since high school and I really miss her. I'm hoping to meet her soon. All of my high school friends are still my brothers and sisters. We may have taken different paths but deep in our hearts, we all feel connected. 

My dear Yuujou World, you are setting an example of how important friendship is and how it can change our personality. I'm a person who knows the importance of friendship. That's my small story."

Did you make best friends in school? How did they change your life? Share your friendship stories with us on hello@yuujou.world and we will share your story with the Yuujou community! 

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  • Corinne, June 28

    Thank you Jaquilin for sharing your personal friendship story! It's wonderful to have a friend you always feel connected to.