Day 78: Team East

Joey, Paula and Renata arrive in China - not on the mainland, but at China's southernmost point on the island Hainan. Here the travelers will meet their next host Eric in Sanya. 

The island province of China is known for its tropical climate and beach resorts. When the travelers arrive they just drop their bags and instantly go to the beach.

For dinner the three travelers are picked up by a woman in her tuk-tuk and they ask her where to go to eat dinner only using hand signals. They then end up in a sea food restaurant where they have a bunch of tanks of all kinds of fish so the travelers just pick some squids and other things and have a delicious dinner accompanied by some karaoke. 

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  • Preya, July 1

    Wow! These pictures make me want to take a beach holiday too!

  • Wendy, June 29

    Lovely pics! Looks like a really lovely place, restful, enjoy!