Day 96: Team East

We are jumping for joy! Team East has arrived in Japan. Host Cris from Quezon City in the Philippines sends the three travelers to his friend Jess who lives in Chino Japan. When the travelers arrive in Japan they are picked up by Joey's parents who especially traveled to Japan from the USA to meet their son. What an arrival in Japan! Of course tears of joy flow.

Chino, the place where host Jess lives, is far out in the woods. He works there at Tateshina Hotel as their piano player. Jess welcomes the travelers outside of the hotel and introduces them to all his friends and staff around the hotel right away. Joey, Renata and Paula join him while he is playing his piano set for the night in the lobby. He even dedicates a few songs to the Yuujou travelers. 
The hotel is a member only hotel. However, Jess is able to talk to the hotel manager and he lets the travelers stay a night. In the morning they all meet for breakfast and Jess starts to tell about his wife and family. They also do a group call with Cris back in the Philippines since Cris also wanted to make sure that the travelers arrived safely. 
Jess then introduces the travelers to his good friend Marochan and his wife. They both have been coming to the hotel regularly for years and met Jess because they love his piano playing. The two friends introduce the travelers to the Japanese writing and to the traditional Japanese sake - which actually is very very strong. 

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  • Preya, July 17

    The happiness on Joey's parents face is so contagious! :) :)

  • Preya, July 17

    This has been my favorite post yet, because it has the previous, current and next host all in one frame! :D