Day 96: Team West

Team West is on their way to meet their next host Keitaro in Kurashiki. What a journey! It's so exciting to look back and see all these beautiful connections between people from different places and different cultural backgrounds.

On their way to Kurashiki the travelers stop in Kyoto where they explore the famous shrine Fushimi Inari Taisha and the historical district Higashiyama.

When they arrive in Kurashiki the arrange with Keitaro to meet for dinner at a restaurant. Keitaro then suddenly calls and tells the traveler that he just had a car accident, but that they should still go to the restaurant without him since he had already paid. So the travelers go there and fortunately Keitaro shows up after two hours - happy, healthy and safe.
The four enjoy dinner together, try different kinds of local food and drink sake. They end the evening in a traditional Japanese pub.

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  • Preya, July 17

    Glad to read Keitaro is safe and unharmed!

  • Preya, July 17

    Whoop Whoop! Both teams in Japan now! Yes!!