Day 95: Team West

What a milestone! 95 days ago six travelers took off in Berlin and started the adventure of a lifetime. They did not know where they will travel to as they were only sent from one place to the next depending on the friendship connection of their current host. Little did they know about the people they will meet, the places they will visit and all the struggles they have to overcome. And everyday they got one step closer to their final destination Japan without knowing if they will really make it.

Today we are happy to announce that Team West has safely arrived in Japan. They are concluding the last piece of the circle of friendship around the world. They were sent to Japan by their Hawaiian host Taro. In Japan they will meet his friend Ketaro who lives in Kurashiki. Before they travel to Kurashiki Yvonne, Panos and Jed explore Osaka and the Nara Park in Nara.

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  • Preya, July 17

    Yeii! 😍💫