Day 71: Team East

After a 52-hour train ride Team East arrives in Krasnoyarsk. On the train the travelers had plenty of time to make new connections. Even though there is quite a big language barrier the travelers manage to get to know different families. When they finally have to say goodbye the kids leave some handmade presents for the travelers.

In Krasnoyarsk Joey, Renata and Paula meet their next host Roma who is the brother of Anna from Kazan. Roma is director of additional education and shows the travelers his work where they have so much fun playing with the kids.
Two of the challenges given by the Yuujou team are planting a tree somewhere on the journey and joining a local wedding. Today Team East is lucky and helps the children from the additional education and some volunteers to plant trees. The travelers even bump into a wedding. Unfortunately the celebration is over already, but they manage to take some pictures with the beautiful newlyweds.

In Krasnoyarsk the three travelers are also invited to the Russian TV station "TVK" to talk about Yuujou and their experiences on the journey in the live talk show. 

The travelers let the evening end together with their host Roma. They attend a free concert in the park. The conductor of the orchestra is a friend of Roma and he is so excited to meet the travelers and introduce them to some of the singers.

So many things happened in only a few hours. What other surprises does Krasnoyarsk have in store for the travelers?

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