Day 74: Team West

How is life on a horse ranch? This is what Team West experiences in Austin, Texas. After another long bus ride Yvonne, Jed and Panos cross the border between Mexico and the USA and arrive in Austin. Here they meet their next host Pattie who lives on a horse farm with her family. Pattie and all the other people on the farm introduce the travelers to the daily life on a farm and teach them about the ponies and horses they have. The travelers sleep in one of the caravans on the farm. Together with Pattie, her family and friends the travelers enjoy the outdoor life and go for a swim in the close river.

Team West also has a special day to celebrate: Yvonne's birthday. The travelers spend the big day in the city center of Austin. The festivities get even more exciting when the travel buddies are joined by two Yuujou community members: Michael and Tim.


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