Day 46: Team West

Both travel teams have received a list of cultural challenges to fulfill until they arrive in Tokyo. One of them is cooking a local dish. Juliana, a girl they met at the hostel in Brasilia, offers her help. Juliana works at the hostel as a barista and her big dream is to travel the world so she bonds with the travelers right away. Together they prepare a local dish called Feijoada.
Juliana not only loves to cook and to see the world but also loves music. She has a collection of flutes and knows how to play really well.

On the weekend Yvonne, Jed and Panos meet up with another local: Laura. The travelers got to know Laura at their host Matthieu's work place. She's keen on showing them around and together they explore the national park Chapada dos Viadeiros where they camp in the outdoors. 
First stop is the waterfall Santa Barbara. After enjoying the fresh water, they stop for their overnight stay in the small town Cavalcante. The town and the national park is run by a community of farmers who've been living in that area for more than 300 years. They were slaves and needed to escape and it has been only 50 years that they are connected to the rest of the society. 
On the second day Laura and the travelers continue their hike to another 5 waterfalls accompanied by one of the local community members.

Would you like to see the travelers camping in the outdoors, explore remote places and communities more often?

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  • Joey, May 27

    Yes! The should definitely camp more!