Day 43: Team West

Together with their host Matthieu Team West visits the opening ceremony of IV Festival Internacional de Cinema LGBTI. The movie festival is organized by the different Culture centers in Brasilia.

Before the go to the movie festival, Panos meets up with one of the Yuujou community members in the Parque da Cidade: Gabriela Avila. She reached out to the team suggesting to meet up when the travelers asked for help about transportation possibilities from Brazil to Bolivia. She is a journalist and writes for Coprofam. And she is also lead singer of the band called Astride. Since she's a passionate traveler - she actually lived in Greece for a while and speaks some Greek words - and loves friendship connections she really believes in Yuujou. That's why she applied herself for the journey when the Yuujou casting opened in 2018. So she is really happy about meeting the travelers in Brasilia where she lives.

The Yuujou travelers are always excited to meet Yuujou community members on their way to Tokyo. So do not hesitate to reach out to them once they are close to your home.

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