Week #12 of the Yuujou journey

2000 miles, 10 days and countless memories: Yvonne, Jed and Panos are on a road trip from Austin to San Francisco. What they see is breathtaking nature. They go from the hot Valley of Fire to the snow-covered area of Mammoth Lakes which is famous for bears. Are they lucky to see a bear? 

Team East arrives in China - not the mainland, but the tropical island Hainan. They enjoy the sea together with their host Mike, join an English class and now know what it is like to experience a typhoon.

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  • Fahmeedah, July 7

    Not all South Africans east kiwis like that, I think that's just Jed 😉 but I think I'll try it.

  • Wendy, July 5

    Special, special time for all of us, I don't know what I am going to do when the program comes to an end .......I'm completely hooked!! I loved the video this week, such amazing, interesting and beautiful places you all visited, incredible!

  • Preya, July 5

    I have never seen a bear in the wild! It must have been quite exhilarating. :D

  • Joey, July 5

    Loved the week here in Sayna! Thank you for all the amazing adventures Mike!