#FriendshipFriday: Ana's story

You encounter so many different kinds of friendships throughout your life. Some friends teach you a valuable lesson, and some become a happy memory. But sometimes if you're really lucky, you make friends that eventually become family. You get special privileges at each other's homes, your families also treat you like their own. This is the kind of friendship where you can effortlessly be yourself. 
And this is precisely what Yuujou member Ana wants to say about her friend Andrea. They've known each other for 19 years now, and in Ana's words: "She's part of my family, and I'd do anything for her."

Read on to learn more about the friendship between Ana and Andrea: 

"I met Andrea in the first year of elementary school. And since that day we've been friends. We have lived in different cities, even in different countries, but even that did not separate us. Everything strengthens our relationship. She's part of my family, and I'd do anything for her. We both love football, and while we support rival teams, we really enjoy watching the games together. We have a bucket list of things we're going to do together before we die, and we're fulfilling it step by step. My life definitely wouldn't be the same without her in my life.And I really enjoy spending time with her, whether it is in person, on call, or remotely."

Do you have friends that are like family? We would love to know more about your friendship connection. Send us an email on hello@yuujou.world with pictures and we will share your story with the world. Hurry up! Only two weeks left to get your story featured on Yuujou! 

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  • Preya, July 8

    This story made me smile. Stories like Ana and Andrea's are so rare to find, and even more precious to read. :)