Day 85: Team East

Host Mike takes Team East to Phoenix Island to his favorite place to watch the sunset. From a little restaurant that overlooks the bay and the bridge they watch the sun disappear on the horizon.

While Joey celebrates the 4th of July with two 50-year old Americans he met at the hostel, Paula and Renata go out to have dinner with Matthew. After walking around Phoenix Island and drinking a lot of water the travelers are in search of a toilet which happens to be difficult on this island with nothing but fancy hotels and a helicopter landing pad. Renata then approaches a random Chinese guy and luckily he works on the island as a pilot and also speaks English perfectly. This guy Matthew helps out in regards to the toilet and then offers to take the travelers out for dinner. He teaches the traveler about  緣分 - "yuán fèn" which can be translated to "fateful coincidence". It's a concept in Chinese and Vietnamese societies describing good and bad chances and the destiny that ties people together. Do you also believe in fateful coincidences?

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  • Preya, July 5

    Happy belated 4th of July Joey, hope it was a memorable one. :)