Day 99: All travelers

For 98 days it was Team East and Team West. Today this changes since the travelers celebrate their reunion in Tokyo. For the last two days it's "the Yuujou team". The six brave and adventurous people have experienced so much during the past weeks and they are now happy to learn about the other travelers' stories and how they all faced and experienced the whole journey. 

What have they learned during the past weeks? What was their highlight? And what was their biggest challenge? How do they feel now that the journey is coming to an end? There are so many questions. We will ask them to all the travelers. So stay tuned for the upcoming videos as there will be so many interesting things to see and hear.

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  • Ruber, July 19

    I can't believe it is ending. It was so fast, i want to see what is coming. Congrats to all the travelers, you are amazing.🎉🎉😘

  • Preya, July 18

    This is my favorite post yet! Still can't believe they actually made it. 😍💞