Day 95: Team East

It's a big day for Team East. When they come back from the hike at the volcano Taal Joey goes out with Adrian in order to look for a wedding to join. The stop by a few churches to see if there is a wedding happening. After no luck at the first few the last one they try has a bunch of people gathering in front of the church. Adrian and Joey get very excited when they learn that there is a wedding happening at 3pm. They only have 1 hour left, so they rush back to get Renata and Paula and together they go to a place called Ukay. Ukay means "to dig" in Tagalong and the place is basically a second hand store where the travelers hope to find some wedding attires since they have not suitable clothes with them. The three rush around and find suitable clothes, dress and then run back to the church where they arrive just in time for the ceremony.

Everyone is so friendly and the bride Erlinda talks to the travelers immediately. They learn that it's the golden wedding of her and her husband Ricardo. It's the 50th wedding anniversary and they renew their vows together with their family who flew in from all over the world for this special day. It is a huge thing in the Filipino culture. They have the travelers join them in the communion and even when taking pictures they invite the travelers to the alter to take photos with the couple. They also meet with the maid of honor, Erlinda's daughter and her daughter Isabella who ended up being from Michigan who had flown in just for the wedding. They explain the differences from an American catholic wedding and how important family was to the Filipino culture. Which was why when they invite family up on stage it's around 60 who had come for the event. The wedding guests also explain that they wear the traditional wedding attire made from pineapple husks which is their national clothing. 
It's so great to see the travelers not just crashing a wedding, but being welcomed and getting to participate.

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