Day 95: Team East

Joey, Paula and Renata say goodbye to Cris and his friends and travel to the next destination in the Philippines: Tagaytay. Before they leave they join Cris for a concert of his band "Shotgun Combo". Cris (vocal), Brian (guitars), Johnson (bass) and Polo (drums) play at a charity event to raise money for their friend's house that burned down. The concert at the bar Matchbox turns into a farewell party for the travelers. They are all sad to leave as they had a great time with Cris.

However, the next big and exciting encounter is waiting. In Tagaytay the travelers meet Adrian, Yuujou ambassador and very active member of the Yuujou community. Adrian had sent a detailed plan of how to get from Quezon to Tagatay. Adrian has explained them to go for around 3 hours in the bus and then get off on the side of the road at an intersection where he would meet the travelers. This all seemed a little confusing but actually works very well and the travelers finally meet Adrian. 

The next day the group of four gets up at 5am to climb the Taal Volcano. It's basically a lake with an island and on this island there is a volcano. Inside the crater of the volcano there is another lake with another island inside. They catch a small boat across to the island volcano. From there they hike through a little village and then through the forrest up to the top of the volcano where they get an absolutely stunning view. Since the travelers got up very early they are the only ones together with the tour guide Vik (who actually has his birthday, so the travelers sing him happy birthday in English and also Tagalong).
The Taal Volcano is still active and there is steam coming out all over the place. Together with Adrian the travelers enjoy this unique place before the go back to join a very special event.

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  • Adrian, July 16

    It has been great to spend time and get to personally know more about Team East and their Yuujou journey!