#FriendshipFriday: Rashid's story

"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything." - Muhammad Ali

Do you have a friend from school? How do you keep in touch with them? For this week's #FriendshipFriday we wish to share Rashid's story with his friends Shalbin and Shamil. The three of them have been best friends for 9 years now and even though they don't see each other daily, their friendship bond is strong as ever. 

Here is Rashid's story: 

"Shalbin and Shamil and I were in the same school until 10th grade, after which we moved to different schools to pursue higher studies. However, over the last 8 years, we've stayed in touch.
The three of us don't exactly see each other daily or even call daily. Sometimes, we are not in touch for many months, but it doesn't matter when we finally see each other.  
The best part about them is that they always come to see me without informing me. I love to see them both and spend time with them. Each and every second spent with them is a special memory because it always leaves me feeling refreshed, happy, and active. We have a lot of fun together, even when we're fighting! 
I hope God always keeps our friendship like this.
To Shalbin and Shamil: I love you both, you guys made me something which I cant explain in words!"

Who are your school friends? Tell us about your friendship journey with them on hello@yuujou.world and get a chance to have your story featured on the Yuujou platforms.

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  • Adrian, July 13

    High School friends are one of the long-lasting friendships you can start and keep.

  • Wendy, July 12

    Awsome story Rashid thank you for sharing!May you continue for many years!