Day 91: Team West

Panos, Jed and Yvonne meet their Hawaiian host Carly, her family and her friends at home. At the dinner party Carly introduces the travelers to Yuki and her family. Yuki is Carly's friend and the traveler's next host. This is really great news because Yuki and her family are originally from Japan and it will be an easy task to find a next host in Japan. Yay! The travelers are getting closer to their final destination and the goal of creating a circle of friendship around the world becomes more and more realistic.

Carly, her friends and family also show the travelers how to do local crafts. Out of dry grass they form beautiful traditional bracelets. And what of course should not be missing is a family portrait together with the three globetrotters.

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  • Wendy, July 17

    Breath taking place!!! Awsome pics 👌