Day 90: Team East

When Renata and Joey are having dinner in Quezon all of a sudden the Yuujou video from the past week pops up on the screen in the restaurant. The restaurant owner Debbie (who actually figured out who the travelers are asking them if they were vloggers), her daughter Twinkline and the restaurant staff are very keen on getting to know the travelers and all the background of the Yuujou project. Together they watch a few episodes and tell them more about their past adventures on the Yuujou journey. 

Debbie and Twinkline then invite the travelers to do a day trip to Antipolo. Together they take different kinds of public transport until they finally make it to the Hinulugang Taktak falls. 

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  • Adrian, July 13

    Hinulugang Taktak may not be one of the best spots in Antipolo but it's still a cool story how they ended up there with Debbie and Twinkline.

  • Preya, July 11

    And I also want to see how the team managed to reach Hinulugang Taktak falls, did you take a tuk tuk? :D

  • Preya, July 11

    That must have been such a wonderful surprise for Joey and Renata :D