Day 88: Team West

After the epic US road trip Team West continues their journey in another paradise with amazing natural wonders: Hawaii. In Honolulu the travelers meet their next host: Carly. She was brought up in Honolulu and is currently studying in Berkeley. That's were she got to know the traveler's previous host Line.

The tropical island definitely is a paradise for outdoor lovers. The travelers enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches, go for a hike in the colorful rainforest and dive with sea turtles. The sea turtles are not the only animals spotted by the travelers though. 

In the evening Panos and Yvonne take part in a sound healing led by Eric. The sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve the physical and emotional health and well-being. Some of the music instruments used by Eric are the Himalayan Singing Bowls. Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals, Tibetan Meditation Gong, Dorje Meditation Bell, Bell Wind Chimes. After the session the travelers say they feel very calm and balanced.

On Sunday the travelers finally meet their host Carly. Together with her and her mum they go to a traditional restaurant. Carly then shows the travelers her high school were she graduated. 

What else is waiting for the travelers to be discovered on Hawaii? Stay tuned!

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  • Wendy, July 9

    Stunning pics! The sea looks so inviting! The turtles are huge and beautiful! What an amazing place! Did you all go surfing? Congratulations to the brides! YUUJOU this has been such an amazing experience for those of us at home 😙

  • Preya, July 8

    Looking at these pictures make me want to swim with sea turtles, like right now! :D