Day 81: Team East

Team East is enjoying the tropical vibes on Hainan. On the weekend the travelers meet up with Anna's friend Mike. He is a manager of a whiskey lounge in Dadonghai. So the travelers meet Mike at his work place where they enjoy a few drinks. The travelers then meet Anna's next friend Eric who is the manager of the club right across from where Mike works. 

The next day the travelers meet Mike again and together they go to the beach to paddle to a cave. Unfortunately it was very windy and high tide so once the travelers get out there the cave is under water. Mike then shows the travelers the place he used to work called English Corner. This is where Anna and Mike met when he worked there and she would come to hang out. Kareena from South Africa and Gary from Hainan have been running English classes for the past 2 years due to an incentive by the government to have more people speaking English. Joey, Paula and Renata join the class. Together with all other students they play games and work on the topic of the day which ended up being Japan! It's great to see the travelers joining a class with people from children to old ladies, all practicing their English. 

On their way to the beach to play volleyball with Mike, the travelers stumble upon a group of people dancing in the square. There's a guy in blue leading a move that then everyone in red follows. Anyone can join in and the travelers don't hesitate a second and join the locals dancing in the streets. 

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  • Paula, July 1

    I love days like these when lots of things happing! It was such a fun day! ❤️