Day 67: Team West

Yvonne, Jed and Panos spend the weekend together with Yuujou community member Ricardo in his hometown Cholula, Puebla. The travelers stay at Ricardo's house where they also meet his sister Ana and his father Ricardo. 

Ricardo shows the travelers his work place - the University of Americas Puebla where he works as a TV producer. Currently the graduation ceremonies take place. The travelers join Ricardo while he is filming the festivities. The group of newly made friends then walks up the Pyramid of Cholula where they enjoy the incredible view over Puebla. The city actually has 365 churches, one for each day. So there is always a saint to celebrate. In the evening they enjoy some time with Ricardo's father. They dance and sing before the travelers then leave with Ricardo for a techno party.

On Sunday it's Father's Day and the travelers are invited to celebrate the important day together with Ricardo's family. 

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