Day 61: Team West

In Belém it's shrimp season. So Team West leaves the city and takes a boat to Marajo which is a large river island. This is where the annual Shrimp Festival takes place. Every year when the season of the shrimps starts the local people celebrate it with a big festival on the island. The festival is only famous in this region and even some of the urban residents of Belém do not know about it. 

Yvonne, Panos and Jed go to the festival together with the hostel owner Daniel and Melissa who has already become a very good friend of the travelers. On the island Rosie, Melissa's cousin, is awaiting the travel buddies. Together they go to the opening of the festival where they observe traditional dances and local singers. On the second day of the festival they attend a traditional fighting competition and a horse race. The nights on the island are spent in hammocks. 

After attending the traditional festivities of the Shrimp Festival, Rosie takes the travelers to her parent's house which is just by the river. The travelers felt a warm welcome right from the beginning when they arrived. Together with Rosie, Melissa, Daniel and Rosie's parents they cook traditional dishes, learn how to fish shrimps, eat worms fresh out of the wooden trunk, dance and just enjoy the local life of the people from the village.

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  • Wendy, June 12

    What an amazing experience you have all had (& us) in Brazil! The people were so down to earth and friendly! It was obvious to see. Safe travels to your next destination!