Day 56: Team East

Team East has been struggling a lot with their next host. Sasha from Ukraine sent the travelers to Batumi where they were supposed to meet their next host. Unfortunately their next host's mother had to go to the hospital in an emergency. Then Sasha found another friend who could help the travelers to continue the circle of friendship in Tbilisi. But this friend then got a call from the army and had to leave right away. So it's been a few days without luck for the travelers.

However, they fully enjoyed Georgia. Joey, Paula and Renata all knew very little about the country with access to the Black Sea, its people and culture. All of them are positively surprised about how green the nature is and how open and friendly the people welcomed them wherever they went.

But now the journey continues and the travelers move on... Sasha found another friend willing to host the travelers. This next host is waiting for them in Russia. Yay! 

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