Day 55: Team West

Panos and Jed get up very early to join some local people on their paddle tour on the river in Belém. They then continue their exploration in the Parque Estadual do Utinga. A lot of locals go running or riding bicycles in this park which is huge. That's why you still feel being just by yourself while you cross the beautiful greens of the park.

Yvonne meets up with Melissa again. Melissa is working at the hotel where the travelers are staying. She is the helpful girl who accompanied Yvonne to the hospital. Together they walk along the shore of Belém, have some local food and their daily dose of ice cream - Cairu is supposed to be the best ice cream in Brazil. 

In the evening the travelers join the Festival Varilux de Cinema Francés.

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  • Janette, June 6

    thanks for the amazing photos guys - keep them coming... we enjoy following you on your journey! what an adventure!!