Day 53: Team West

After another long bus ride Team West arrives in the North of Brazil, in Belém. The travelers were sent to Belém by Laura from Brasilia. Her good friend Denny lives here. The two of them know each other since Laura was a little girl. Denny and Laura's mom are very good friends so Denny has always been around and enjoyed accompanying Laura to her circus classes when she was younger. Denny is 74 years old and is the oldest friend the travelers have met on their journey so far. He works at the Emílio Goeldi Museum of Pará - Research Campus as Head of the Linguistic Department. He shows the travelers around the campus, which is also connected to a real life Amazon forest, and tells them more about his work with indigenous people.

The days in Belém show us that traveling is not always big smiles and sometimes unpredicted things happen. When the three travelers arrive in Belém, Yvonne starts to feel very bad. Her headaches have been getting worse for a few days now and she needs to go to the hospital. Have you ever been to a hospital in a place you do not know anyone and you do not know the language either? So you can definitely feel with Yvonne. Fortunately there is Melissa, a girl who is working at the hotel where Team East is staying. With her help Yvonne manages to describe her feelings to the doctors and gets some medicine to lower her pain. Slowly, slowly Yvonne starts to feel better. Thank you Melissa for being at Yvonne's side supporting her not only with your language skills! It's so beautiful to see that people help and support each other even though they have just met and do not know each other very well. We think that this is what friendship and social connection is all about - being there for each other and caring for one and another. 

While Yvonne is having some rest, Panos and Jed explore the local market at the port of Belém. In the afternoon they meet host Denny for the first time. The three enjoy their time at the Emílio Goeldi Museum where Denny works. In the evening Jed and Panos go out for drinks and meet Wallace, a local barber. He then offers to cut Panos' hair. So the next day Panos gets a new hair cut. Which one do you like better - the haircut from Faro or the current one from Belém?

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  • Janette, June 6

    so sorry to hear Yvonne... hope you feel a lot better now xxx

  • Yvonne, June 5

    Hey Flvia, that is awesome! We will be in Manaus in 10 days. I'll contact you on Whatsapp!

  • Flavia, June 5

    Hi, guys! If you need a contact in Manaus, I’m totally down for it. I live in this city since ever and I know some pretty good spots in the surroundings. Insta: @flaviaandreia12 Good journey to you! Xo

  • Wendy, June 4

    Awsome! It seemed an amazing, interesting place! Thank you for showing us around! Sorry Yvonne hasn't been well 😚

  • Preya, June 4

    Hope Yvonne is feeling better now, and I must say, these have been the best pictures so far! Belem is so colorful and lively. I felt like I was teleported to Belem by just looking at them! :)