Day 41: Team West

After a 23-hours bus ride Team West has arrived in Brasília. They were sent here by Mamadou from Salvador de Bahia. Mamadou's friend Mathieu is expecting the travelers in Brasília. 

Brasília, inaugurated as Brazil’s capital in 1960, is famous for its white, modern architecture. Yvonne, Jed and Panos not only explore the white buildings such as the Cultural Complex of the Republic and the Cathedral of Brasília but also go out to learn some Samba.

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  • Adrian, May 23

    I agree Preya, very unique and visually amazing Cathedral. Like a shape of a star!

  • Preya, May 22

    That is one of the most unique Cathedrals I have ever seen. Wow!

  • Shevon, May 22

    Interesting images.