Istanbul, Turkey

Hi, I am Candas

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I am A venturer spirit of a curious mind

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I am part of Yuujou because...

I see this as an amazing opportunity to not only see this beautiful world, but also to make great connections with others who are excited to engage with good energy and healing for this planet.

I expect a friend to...

Be compassionate, empathetic, understanding and loyal. I always appreciate honesty especially if I have done something wrong in the eyes of another.

I can't stand it when...

The ego overcomes a sense of empathy and kindness.

I spend an unreasonable amount of money on...

Airfare and train tickets, but I see money as just a form of paper with little value compared to the experiences that I am able to achieve by using it

These are my creative super powers!
Playing music
Diving, Climbing
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What is the Yuujou journey about?

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